Riana Panggabean


The purpose of this research is to find out the needs assessment of equipment/ technology for SMEs in the center of ceramics and learn optimization of equipment/ technology pottery. The benefits of this research as an input for policy makers in order to develop the role of SMEs in the center of earthenware pottery and quality improvement in accordance with market demand.

Conclusions and recommendations of this research are SMEs and most of the pottery craftsmen still using simple technology. This type of equipment needs / potter’s technology can be grouped into three types of technology for the processing of raw materials, forming, printing and marketing.

To optimize equipment/technology,SMEs and craftsmen/artisans need education and capital. There is a desire that SMEs want to have the modern equipment/ technology but do not have the ability to buy. In general, the craftsmen do not have the capability of capital. It is therefore necessary to have capital to buy and operate this type of technology based on demand.

In addition to operationalize equipment/technology, English language education is also needed for SMEs and craftsmen in order to cater buyers from abroad. 

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