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From the preparation of the inventory problem conducted by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SME in 2009, it is known that there are 186 cooperative problems that must find a solution. By using the Priority Scale Analysis is based on the consideration, the level of impact, intensity spread, and the availability of resources, to issue-186 can be grouped into the main issues as follows: (1) Cooperative Normative ideological, (2) National Economic Development Policy, Policy (3) Empowerment of Cooperatives and SMEs, (4) Coordination Empowering Cooperatives and SMEs, (5) Institutional Cooperation, (6) Cooperative Enterprises, (7) Condition / initial character of SMEs, (8) SME Business Conditions, (9) Production SMEs and Technology (10) Policy and Regional Autonomy (11) Empowerment Program for Cooperatives and SMEs.

The above problems are estimated to be the cause of low productivity and competitiveness of cooperatives. Some indications show that this problem is directly related to the fundamental policies of the increasingly unfavorable to efforts to empower cooperatives and SMEs. To overcome this problem the priority scale analysis performed suggests that a more fundamental policy reorientation is directed more to the policies and programs that emphasize empowerment of Cooperatives and SMEs, especially for SMEs and improve the internal conducive business climate. Throughout the basic conception, the factors that need to be strengthened is position as a cooperative institution empowerment of SMEs. This work is done by increasing the intensity of cooperative development, the role of socialization and the position of cooperatives in national development, and implement outreach programs on the importance of the role of cooperatives in support of national development. One other thing that needs attention is the development program coordinated system of cooperatives and SMEs empowerment among sectoral agencies, and between central and local government 

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